Use Promo Code BETS17 to Qualify for the $200 Bonus. Limited time offer is available for new registrants that sign up between January 20 - 31.

$200 Sign Up Bonus Promotion Details

How does the promotion work?
NYRA Bets is offering a special $200 sign up promotion to all new members.

To qualify to receive the maximum $200 per player bonus, a player must bet $200 within 14 days of opening a NYRA Bets account. Of the $200, at least $100 must be bet on Aqueduct races. If the player does not meet this requirement, he or she remains eligible for a $150 bonus, as long as $150 is bet within 30 days of account registration.

Am I eligible for the promotion if I have already have a NYRA Bets Wagering Account?
This promotion is for new NYRA Bets sign ups only.

What happens if I fail to meet the betting requirements?
If a player does not meet the betting requirements within the specified timeframe, he or she will not receive the sign up bonus.

Are there restrictions on the type of wagers I must make?
Show bets and bets placed by phone do not count towards the promotion.

What if I place some wagers but do not wager the required $200?
If a player does not bet $200 within the first 14 days after opening an account, he or she still has a chance to earn a $150 bonus, as long as $150 is bet within the first 30 days after account registration.

Where can I view my Bonus to make sure it has been credited?
Customers can view this information online under the “Adjustments” column in their Historical Transactions on

What if I cancel a wager or a bet was canceled due to a late scratch?
These bets will not count towards your bet total.

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