Saturday, July 22 Carryover: $104,258

Introducing, a bet just for you! The NYRA Bets Late Pick 5 is available every day at Belmont Park starting July 4, 2017. This bet is exclusively for NYRA Bets customers , New York on-track betters and, those wagering with a New York simulcasting facility. Look for the wager right from the “Bet Type” dropdown in the wager pad.

Features of the NYRA Bets Late Pick 5

     Score $100,000 if you are the sole winner of the NYRA Bets Late Pick 5 on any day through the month of July!*

    Check back here daily for Andy Serling's video analysis of the NYRA Bets Late Pick 5 sequence.

    Andy Serling's Pick 5 Preview for Saturday, July 22

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$100,000 Single-Winner Payout Terms & Conditions

  1. Must be a NYRA Bets Account holder.
  2. To qualify as the single winner, no other NYRA Bets account holders shall have a winning ticket. Also, no other winning ticket(s) can be made at another ADW or outlet where the NYRA Bets Pick 5 is offered.
  3. Winning Ticket(s) must be made using a customer’s NYRA Bets Account (Includes mobile site and desktop interface).
  4. Bets placed by a NYRA Bets Live Operator are not eligible.
  5. The NYRA Bets Pick 5 requires the selection of the first place finisher in each of the 5 designated races.
  6. Single “winner” shall be defined as having occurred when there is only one sole ticket holder, regardless of base amount or if they, within their account, possess multiple winning combinations.
  7. If a dead heat occurs and there are multiple customers containing winning wagers as defined by the Terms and Conditions, the result would be that there is not a single winner.
  8. If a dead heat occurs and one single customer has the winning tickets wagered properly as defined by the terms and conditions they would in fact be the single winner.
  9. The bonus is determined to be null and void unless all 5 legs of the NYRA Bets Pick 5 are completed and deemed official. If a race in the sequence is determined to be a No Contest the bonus would not be offered.
  10. The single winner payoff, if the total cumulative winning pari-mutual payout is less than $100,000.00, would be calculated as $100,000 inclusive of the pari-mutuel earnings of the single winners winning wagers on the Pick 5.
  11. The bonus monies earned by the single winning account holder will be credited within 48 hours as a separate bonus to the account holders NYRA Bets ADW account
  12. Employees of the New York Racing Association are not eligible.
  13. Promotion will run from July 4-July 31 st .
  14. Promotion can be continued or removed with prior consent from the NYGC.

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