NYRA Bets is offering a $1 million single-ticket bonus for the Late Pick 5 during the 2019 summer meet at Saratoga Race Course starting on Saturday, July 13! Saratoga’s Late Pick 5 is open to all horseplayer’s across North America, but the $1 million bonus is only available to one NYRA Bets customers who places their bets through their NYRA Bets account.

The Late Pick 5, featuring a low 15% takeout rate and 50 cent minimum, will be offered on every card at Saratoga Race Course.

The popular multi-race wager features a carryover provision of 100% of the net pool into the next day’s Late Pick 5 if there are no winning tickets. All multi-leg wagers with a carryover provision will have a mandatory payout on the last race day of the Saratoga Race Course meet on Labor Day Monday, September 2.

Terms & Conditions: Single-ticket bonus only available for a sole NYRA Bets customer who wins the Saratoga Late Pick 5 through NYRA Bets and is the sole winner of the Saratoga Late Pick 5, which is available across North America (i.e. at a track, on a different online betting site, etc.). Winner will be contacted by NYRA Bets representative within 24 hours of winning and winner must complete an affidavit to receive the bonus. Bonus can be administered by bank to bank wire transfer or by a NYRA check (winner’s preference) within 14 business days of winner completing the affidavit. Only one $1 Million Bonus available during the 2019 Saratoga meet. Once bonus is hit, it will not be offered for the remainder of the meet. NYRA employees are not eligible for the $1 million single-ticket bonus.