Depositing has NEVER been easier with Apple Pay

Deposit money to NYRA Bets with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the newest method to fund your NYRA Bets account. It's fast, easy and secure. To start using select Apple Pay from the funding options provided by selecting Deposit under the menu in the app or mobile site. Then, simply select an amount or type in the amount to deposit and click the Apple Pay button as seen in the image. You're then ready to get back to the races!

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Apply Pay is available for the NYRA Bets App and mobile site for iPhone users with devices that allow Apple Pay.

The Apple Pay Funding daily limit is $1,000 maximum in one calendar day and in and single transaction. Apple Pay Funding is further subject to an aggregate limit of $3,000 in any calendar week (Monday through Sunday) and an aggregate limit of $5,000 for a rolling period of 30 days.