NYRA Bets Help

Please review our help page for quick solutions. If you need further assistance, please use our Live Chat above.


To deposit funds into your NYRA Bets account, click the blue "Fund Now" button on the top right of your screen. This button only appears once you are logged in.

On this page you will fund many options, including: Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH), Credit/Debit Cards, NYRA Bets+ Account, Wire Transfer, Deposit by Mail, Deposit On-Track, and PayNearMe

Account Information

To view or change your Account details, go to My Account > Account Details page and choose from any of the sub-sections displayed there, including:

  1. Personal Details
  2. Security Details
  3. Email
  4. Password
  5. Link HD Video (allows you to view NYRA HD video through NYRA app Roku devices)

Changing Tracks

There are two ways to change your view to a different track

1. Click on the track button if your desired track is displayed in the My Tracks area.

2. Click on the Today's Racing link for a full menu of all available tracks, then select the track you wish to view.

Changing Races

You may change the race displayed to a different race in either one of two ways

1. Click on the dropdown next to the track name in the left navigation panel and select your race number.

2. Click the left or right arrows located next to the Track Name located on the Program Page in the middle of your screen.

Placing a Bet

To make a bet:

1. Select a Track from Today's Races (or, My Tracks/My Races). The upcoming race from that track will display on the Program.

2. On the Program, Select Bet Type, Bet Amount, and Runners.

3. The bet will display under the Betslip tab (located on the right hand side).

4. Click the Submit button to submit your bet (located under the BetSlip tab).

5. Click on the Confirm button to submit your bet.

The Wager Accepted screen will confirm that your bet has been placed, and will display the ticket number for reference. The BetSlip tab will display a receipt indicating your wager has been placed.

Creating a Custom Bet Amount

Standard bet amounts are available by default on the Program. Should you wish to place a wager using a bet amount not shown on the bet amount list

  1. Click on the Amount dropdown box and select Custom.
  2. Specify the Custom Bet Amount in the Add Custom Amount pop up. Click Add, and the custom bet amount will displayed on the Program.

Choosing a Bet Type

Click on Bet Type dropdown box.

Choose from the list of Bet Types available for the race displayed. Bet types are abbreviated as follows
PK3 = PICK 3
PK4 = PICK 4
PK5 = PICK 5
PK6 = PICK 6
PK7 = PICK 7

To Use a special Bet Modifier (Box, Key, Fill)

Choose a Bet Type and Amount you wish to wager.

Available Bet Modifiers for that wager will display to the right of the Bet Type and Amount dropdowns.

Click on the Bet Modifier that you wish to use while building your bet:


Allows you to select horses to finish in the required positions in any order.

For example:
$1 exacta box of 1,3= $1 X 2 combinations = Total Cost of $2.
$1 exacta box 1,2,5,7 exacta straight box = $1 X 12 combinations = Total Cost of $12.
$1 trifecta box of 1,2,3= $1 X 6 combinations= Total Cost of $6.
$1 trifecta box of 1,2,3,4= $1 X 24 combinations= Total Cost of $24.


Allows you to select one or more horses for each of the positions and then box for all possible combinations.

For example:
$1 wagers using 1 in first position and 2,3 in second position and 4,5 in third position: trifecta key box = 1 with 2,3 with 4,5; 1 with 4,5 with 2,3; 2,3 with 1 with 4,5; 2,3 with 4,5 with 1; 4,5 with 1 with 2,3; 4,5 with 2,3 with 1 which equals $1 X 24 unique combinations.

= Total cost of $24


Allows you to place your selection in all positions at or below your mouse click.

For example:

If you click "Fill" and then click on the 1st position of a Trifecta, that selection will automatically be selected in the 2nd and 3rd positions; if you click "Fill" and then click on the 2nd position of a Trifecta, that selection will automatically be selected in the 2nd and 3rd positions.

Canceling a Wager

To cancel a previously submitted wager:

  1. Click on the My Bets tab located next to the BetSlip tab.
  2. Find the wager that you wish to cancel, select the wager you wish to cancel, and select the Cancel Selected Bets button.
  3. Enter your password and click the Confirm button to cancel the wager.
  4. The wager will now be canceled and will display as cancelled on the Betslip.

To see pre-defined limits for wager cancellations, consult the FAQ page.

Launching Video

There are two ways to launch Live Video

  1. Select the Videos tab located above the Program. Then click on the video icon next to the track you wish to view.
  2. From the Program area of the track that you have selected by clicking on the video icon.

Watching & Controlling Video

After you have launched Live Video, there are many controls available to help you enjoy your experience

Pop Out- Launches Live Video in a free-floating video window

X- Closes the Live Video window

Down Arrow- Collapses /Expands Live Video

“ “/>”- Pauses or Plays Live Video

Mute- Turns mute on/off

Volume- increases/decreases audio volume

Full Screen- Toggles between Full Screen and Regular Live Video view

Stream- Toggles between available levels of Live video streaming

Note: You may play as many as (3) live videos simultaneously.


Look for the printer icon throughout the site. Printing is offered throughout the site for a variety of functions such as:
Print Programs
Print Account Statements
Print Transactions