Important Functional Areas of NYRA Bets

My Account

Click on My Account to access key details of your NYRA Bets account, including Transactions, Statements, Funding Options, Account Details, and Display Options.


Use the Transactions area to search for your wagering transactions by date range or specific ticket number.


Find your NYRA Bets Monthly Statement in the Statements area.


The Funding section lists all of the funding options available to deposit or withdraw money into/from your NYRA Bets account.

Account Details

All of your Account Details can be found and updated in this section, including:

  1. Personal Details
  2. Security Questions
  3. Personal email address
  4. Roku and HD App linking codes

Display Options

Use Display Options to configure your wagering environment to suit your own preferences.

My Display offers visual personalization for your:

  1. Race menu
  2. Betslip/My Bets
  3. Video Streaming
  4. Program Layouts (Views) & Headings
  5. Default Bet Type and Amount
  6. Program Details (Horse, Jockey, and Trainer details)

My Tracks

My Tracks allows you to manage your favorite tracks in a special section for easy access and navigation. To place a track into My Tracks you may either: click, hold, and drag a track directly from Today’s Racing into My Tracks, or use Set My Tracks

Set My Tracks

Set My Tracks allows you to designate your favorite tracks in a special section for easy access and navigation. To place a track into My Tracks you may either:

  1. Go to Display Options/My Tracks and then drag and drop tracks into the My Tracks area
  2. Drag a track directly from Today’s Racing into My Tracks

My Races

My Races allows you to designate upcoming races in a special section for easy access and navigation. To place a race into My Races, click, hold, and drag the race from Today’s Racing into the My Races section.

Today's Racing

Today's Racing shows you the tracks available to wager on today. Tracks are listed with the upcoming race and Minutes to Post (Minutes to Post turn red once there is 10 minutes or less).

If you click on a listed track, the next upcoming race will be displayed in the Track Program area, and the Track list located in the left navigation area will expand to show the complete list of races for that track today.
To display additional information for each race shown on the expanded race list, use the Today's Racing section seen in left navigation area and click on the “+” sign to see:

  1. Race distance
  2. Race Surface
  3. Race Type
  4. Exotic Wagers available

To hide this information, click on the “-“ sign. To go back to the Today's Racing track list, simply click on the Today’s Racing link.

Upcoming Races

Upcoming Races lists races soon to run in descending order by Minutes To Post. You may filter the size of this list by going to Display Options/Menu and adjusting the minutes in the “Show 'Upcoming Races" box.

Today’s Carryovers

Today’s Carryovers list carryovers from exotic wagering pools across all tracks. Selecting any Carryover listed here will bring you to the Program Page of the Track and Race with the carryover.

Track Info

The Track Info tab above the Program Page area offers the latest updates from tracks running today, including:

To View Program Information

Basic Program Information

The Program header shows the selected race, available betting pools, race information, Minutes to Post, and links to Print Program, Live Video, and Full Race Conditions. Late Changes will be displayed in red.

Changing Program Layouts

You can choose to view your Program by selecting one of the three Layouts located on the Program header. By default, each Layout view displays different levels of Program Information ( Layout 1, condensed; Layout 2, standard; Layout 3, complete). Each Layout is customizable, allowing you to modify and save the information displayed by clicking on the Layout Options link.

Advanced Program Information

Advanced statistical information and replays are also available for many Thoroughbred races that display a drop down arrow. To view advanced program information for each horse, click on the drop down arrow and then select from the Replays, Odds, Horse, Jockey, or Trainer tabs. Advanced statistics for each Horse and its Jockey or Trainer are displayed for many popular racing surfaces, distances, and betting categories. In some cases, Flat Bet ROI percentages may also be displayed.

To Place Wagers

Betslip Tab

The Betslip displays details of your wagers as you build, manage, and submit them. As you build a wager, that active wager will be highlighted in the BetSlip area by a red border, and may be modified on the Program (i.e., you may change selections, bet amount, etc.). To place a completed wager, click on the red “Submit” button.

Advanced Betslip Functions

The Betslip offers some advanced functions designed to streamline your wagering experience:

Amount toggle- allows you to quickly increase/decrease your base bet amount
Copy Bet- allows you to create a copy of a wager so that you can easily modify the original wager, helping you to quickly submit two nearly identical exotic wagers, for example
Minimize/Maximize toggle- displays or hides wager details, allowing you to stack and manage multiple wagers efficiently
Retain Selections after Bet Placement- retains selections on the Program from the last wager that you placed, allowing you to quickly build similar new wagers

My Bets Tab

My Bets displays wagers that you have previously placed. For convenience, you may filter displayed wagers by utilizing the toggles at the top of the section and then pressing the Search icon. You may also cancel a wager from the My Bets area.

Swap Position

The Swap Position feature is available for vertical wagers and is located at the bottom of your screen. To use this feature, select exacta, trifecta, superfecta, or Super High Five from the bet type menu and the swap leg feature will be available at the bottom of the screen. Select the horses you wish to wager on and you can switch horses selected quickly when placing multiple, similar wagers.