Watching Race Replays within the Program view

With NYRA Bets, it is easier than ever before to access information that will help you win at the races. As soon as you login using your desktop or laptop, the next race’s program will appear in the center of your screen. It will look like this:

To access information, simply click on the Horse Name that you would like to learn about. For instance, let’s assume you want to learn more about the 2 horse – Miss Temple City. In your research, you noticed that this filly last raced at Royal Ascot on June 15th and you want to watch the race replay to see if she had a troubled trip and determine how that might have affected her performance.  You click on the horse name, Miss Temple City, and the following drop down menu appears:

Miss Temple City’s program view expands as the drop down menu appears. The HORSE category appears by default. This category provides a snapshot of Miss Temple City’s career starts, wins, and earnings. The other categories in the drop down include REPLAYS, ODDS, JOCKEY, and TRAINER. Since we are looking for the Royal Ascot race replay, we would click on REPLAYS. and then on the date of the race that we would like to watch. In this case, that date is 6/15/2016. Here is what we would then see on the screen:

The race replays could be enlarged to fit your entire screen, or if you prefer, they could even be shown while running other feeds as well. Remember, you can watch videos simultaneously on the NYRA Bets platform. Get last minute replay analysis done but also keep an eye on the live feed. That is now possible with NYRA Bets!