I lost my log-in information, how do I retrieve my account number and password?
Call us at 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238) to speak to a Customer Service representative.

What is NYRA Bets?
NYRA Bets is America's favorite on-track, online and mobile horse racing wagering site. Please visit About NYRA Bets to learn more about our site features, benefits, and the industry best loyalty program that lets you earn points for every dollar that you wager.

Is NYRA Bets legal?
NYRA Bets is a US-based, licensed and legal horse racing and wagering site.

How much does it cost to be a NYRA Bets member?
You can become a NYRA Bets member for FREE. There is no charge for sign up. Additionally, there are no per-wager fees nor are there fees for certain types of deposits and withdrawals.

Why should I join NYRA Bets?
Aside from having the most generous Loyalty Program in the industry, NYRA Bets features a secure, state-of-the-art wagering platform that allows you to quickly and accurately place your bets and watch numerous video feeds - all Belmont, Saratoga, and Aqueduct video feeds will stream in HD.

Can I watch any race on NYRA Bets?
You can watch streaming video and bet on over 300 racetracks from around the globe. All NYRA feeds will stream in high quality HD video.

How can I be sure that my money and transactions are secure?
NYRA Bets utilizes state-of-the-art technology and internal controls to ensure all account activity, including wagering and depositing, is reliable, safe and secure. 

How do I apply for a NYRA Bets account?
If you are on-track, visit the Guest Services booth to get set up with an account. If you want to sign up online, simply click on the SIGN UP button below and fill out the registration form. If you experience any difficulty, call us at 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238). You can find the paper application form here. If you need to use the paper application, scan the completed form and a copy of your valid photo ID to [email protected] 


How long does it take to sign up?
It should take you less than 5 minutes to complete the registration form. Remember, you must make an initial deposit before you can begin to place bets.

When can I wager?
Once you deposit funds into your account, you can begin wagering immediately. Learn more about our Depositing options on our Funding page

How do I place a wager?
With NYRA Bets, you are able to place bets on-track, online, by mobile, or over the telephone. Simply log-in to your account on NYRABets.com from your computer or mobile device, call us at 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238) from your telephone, or visit a wagering terminal if you are at any of the NYRA tracks - Aqueduct, Belmont, or Saratoga.

What type of handicapping information does NYRA Bets offer?
NYRA Bets should be your first stop for handicapping information. Visit Handicapping expert picks and race analysis, including each race day's Talking Horses telecast where our expert handicappers analyze each race on that day's live card.

Do you pay full odds on all winning wagers?
Yes, NYRA Bets pays full track odds on all winning wager

How do I deposit money for wagering?
There are a number of depositing options, including Free Express Funding. Learn more about these options by visiting our Funding page.

How do I withdraw money from my account?
Your account is credited immediately after a winning wager becomes official. You can withdraw funds at any time, visit our Funding page for more information.

What tracks are available for wagering?
NYRA Bets offers over 200 Thoroughbred, Harness, and Quarter Horse tracks including Saratoga, Belmont, Aqueduct, Santa Anita, Del Mar, Keeneland, Los Alamitos, Cal Expo, and the list continues to grow.

Am I eligible for the NYRA Bets Loyalty Program?
When you open a NYRA Bets account, you automatically get enrolled in our industry-best Loyalty Program.

How do I start earning points?
Earning points is easy. For each dollar you wager on NYRA races (Aqueduct, Belmont, or Saratoga), you will earn 4 points. For each dollar that you wager on all other racetracks, you will earn 2 points.

When will my Loyalty Points be deposited into my account?
Your Loyalty Point balance will be updated by Noon of the following day.

Whom do I call if I have a discrepancy with winning wagers that have not been credited to my account and the points associated with those winning bets?
In the unlikely event that you notice a discrepancy, please call us at 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238) and we would be happy to help

I have questions about the Loyalty Program, who can I speak to?
Our customer service team is here to answer any of your questions, please call us at 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238) or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

How do I check my current point balance?
You can check your current point balance by clicking the “My Points” section under the “My Account” tab located in your left hand navigation panel. In addition, you can view your point balance by simply looking in the top right hand corner of the webpage under the welcome message anytime you are logged into your account.

Do my NYRA Bets points expire?
Points carry an expiration date of 1 year (365 days) and will be removed from your account on a first in, first out basis.

Can I redeem my points for wagering credits?
You can! You can redeem your points for wagering credits under My Account > My Points > Redeem Points or wagering credit for past performances in the NYRA Store.

How can I use my NYRA Bets points?
You can use your NYRA Bets points to earn additional credits for wagering. The more you bet with us, the more points and wagering credits you earn.

Is it possible to cancel wagers?
Yes. In the event that you make an error, you can go to your bet slip and select the Cancel Wager option to cancel your wager.

As to Thoroughbred racing wagers, no wager over $500 in win, place, show pools on any betting entry and/or $50 on any one combination in daily double, exacta, quinella, trifecta, pick three, or other pools may be cancelled on the Internet. If this is the case, you must call 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238).

As to Harness racing wagers, no wager over $100 in win, place, show pools on any betting entry and/or $50 on any one combination in daily double, exacta, quinella, trifecta, pick three or other pools may be cancelled on the Internet. NYRA Bets management reserves the right to refuse any cancellation which may cause substantial altering of odds, prices, or betting totals, and will certify in writing, to a finding either allowing or rejecting such request.

Why can't I withdraw all of my balance?
If you are trying to make a withdrawal and notice that your entire balance is not withdrawable, it means that a certain amount has yet to clear. If you cannot withdraw your balance and it has been more than 7 days since you last made a deposit into your account, please call Customer Service at 1-844-NYRA-BET (1-844-697-2238) for further assistance.

What is my funding limit when using Apple Pay?
The Apple Pay Funding daily limit is $1,000 maximum in one calendar day and in and single transaction. Apple Pay Funding is further subject to an aggregate limit of $3,000 in any calendar week (Monday through Sunday) and an aggregate limit of $5,000 in any calendar month.

How do I access HD Video?
Here is how you can access live, streaming HD video: 

1. Log-in to your NYRA Bets Account

2. Select your Track

3. The Program view will appear in the center of your screen. Click on the Red Video icon on the right hand side of the Program header.

You may have three live video feeds simultaneously streaming. To access the full menu of available feeds, click on the Video tab in the navigation bar:

How can I watch Race Replays?
Race replays can be a valuable tool in a handicapper's arsenal. Sometimes it's best to see a troubled trip with ones own eyes. With NYRA Bets, watching race replays is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Log in to NYRA Bets

2. Within the program view in the middle of your screen, click on a horse name

3. A new drop down will appear. Click on 'Replays' and a list of the horse's most recent races with available replays will appear.

4. Click on the red video icon to the left of the Race Date and the Race Replay video will begin to stream. Race Replays will be provided in HD if available - Belmont, Saratoga and Aqueduct replays will always be offered in HD.

How do I change my address on file?

Click here to download the address change form and submit it to [email protected] or to fax # 1-866-697-2946.

How do I see my wagers placed on a previous date?
Select the My Account tab on the left side of your screen, select Transaction and select the date range and display.

How do I get my W2Gs?
Select My Account then Transaction/W2G enter the year and date range, display and you can download them to print. If unable to obtain this information online email your request with year and date range to [email protected] and someone will assist you.

What are the IRS withholding?
Refer to our W-2G/Tax Reporting page for details.

What happens to my bets if my horse is scratched?
NYRA Bets follows the rules in the jurisdiction where the host track is located. Refunds will be issued or post-time favorites will be assigned in accordance with the host track’s policies for handling scratches. If you have already placed a wager that includes that horse, your ticket will be changed based on the rules at that track concerning scratches. Your ticket will usually either be cancelled or the scratched horse will be replaced with the current favorite for that race. The decision of the host track is final and it is ultimately the track’s discretion if a certain wager will be refunded or if a scratch warrants a post-time favorite or consolation payout. Additionally, if your ticket is cancelled, any Reward Points that would have been earned are also cancelled.

General rules for scratches are as follows:

Single Race Wagers (Exacta/Quinella/Trifecta/Superfecta/Super-Hi-5/Win/Place/Show): All wagers on scratched horses are refunded.

Pick 4/Pick 5/Pick 6/Grand Slam: If your horse is scratched in ANY LEG, you will receive the post-time favorite, providing your wager is live going into the leg from which your horse is scratched.

Doubles/Pick 3 in Major circuits (NY, FL, KY CA, LA, NJ and others): If your horse is scratched BEFORE the first leg is run, you will receive a refund. If your wager is still live going into the second or third leg and your horse is scratched, you will receive a consolation payoff, providing your wager wins the other two legs.

Doubles/Pick 3 in other circuits (PA, AR, NM, TX, IL, MN, Canada, and others): If your horse is scratched in ANY LEG, you will receive the post-time favorite, providing your wager is live going into the leg from which your horse is scratched. If you already have the post-time favorite included in your wager and have more than one horse included in that leg (and one or more of your horses are scratched), you will receive the post-time favorite for each horse that is scratched.

These rules can change based on the tracks’ decision.

Why does my credit card not work on your site?
Please check with your bank or credit card provider for online gambling restrictions, also check if there are any limits to cash advance as these transactions are processed as such. Name and address must match the card you are trying to use.

Can't find what you are looking for?
At NYRA Bets, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. If you have any questions that we may not have covered, please reach out to us at 1-844-NYRA Bet (1-844-697-2238) or [email protected]. We take your inquiries seriously and look forward to serving you.